In a summer that saw America250 pull back the curtain on some of its plans to help mark America’s 250th anniversary in 2026, America250 Vice President, Programming and Planning, Anna Laymon, joined the What’s America’s Purpose? podcast to provide insights on the principles guiding the effort’s next five years. Billed as “a podcast for citizens, guided by American ideals, and dedicated to achieving sustainable prosperity for all,” the series focuses on three key themes: American history, American strategy, and citizen action.

The 47-minute conversation between Laymon and podcast host, Matt Bogoshian, explored Laymon’s education and work experience leading to her role at America250. And Laymon outlined her commitment to creating touchpoints for all Americans to get involved and take part in this historic event.

“We have an opportunity in front of us to come together, to unite… If we get this right, this is a moment that will inspire, this is a moment that will unify… I think that’s the legacy we can leave if we nail this work, and we will.”

Anna Laymon, America250, on what success will look like for the commemoration

The full episode is accessible here and below: