Matt Schatzle is part of the team driving America250’s five-year major fundraising campaign that calls on and inspires all Americans to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime milestone.

With over 20 years of experience leading national non-profits, associations and foundations, Schatzle is a recognized expert in strategic planning, program development and fundraising. During his career, Schatzle has successfully conducted major multi-million dollar campaigns, including the Naval Academy’s $275 million Leaders to Serve a Nation campaign, the Ocean Conservancy’s $35 million Campaign for the Oceans, and the United Services Organization’s (USO) $100 million campaign in response to 9/11. Prior to America250, he served as a managing director of The Zodiac Group, and previously was the Executive Director or the ASME Foundation, where he helped create Future Engineers, a K-12, 3D printing competition on the International Space Station and the solutions library platform Engineering for Change (E4C).

Schatzle holds a bachelor’s from the United States Naval Academy.